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“All hypnosis, is self hypnosis.” This is the first thing Kashmala tells all her clients to demystify hypnosis.


Our Approach

Hypnotherapy techniques are used to assist individuals and business people to overcome unwanted habits, empowering them to create new thinking processes and behaviours. Any therapist simply assists us to enter a relaxed state of trance so that we can communicate more effectively with our own unconscious mind. Entering trance allows us to stop the analytical brain, the internal chatter, enabling us to communicate directly with the unconscious mind and create the changes we desire in our life. 

Our behaviour and our results are driven by our memories, values, beliefs, emotions, language, etc. Since these are stored at the unconscious level, any change we wish to make in our behaviours needs to happen with the cooperation of the unconscious mind.

By re-establishing the rapport with our own unconscious mind, we start to pay attention to what is right for us and create behaviours, people and situations that empower us to live the life we desire.

Hypnotherapy sessions can help you to:

  • Stop Smoking (Smoking Cessation)
  • Stop Stress, Tension and Worry
  • Overcome  Fears, Panic, Anxieties & Performance Anxiety
  • Stop Procrastination 
  • Enhance Self Confidence & Assertiveness 
  • Reach & Maintain Ideal Weight
  • Improve Relaxation & Sleeping Patterns
  • Improve Memory, Concentration & Studying
  • Enhance Personal & Professional Success
  • Relieve Pain & Heal Yourself 

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