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I use Vedic Astrology to provide you your personal Astrology & Birth Chart (Kundli) Reading for Career, Love & Relationship.


Astrology Reading

I will require your Full Name, Date Of Birth, Time of Birth & Place of Birth and photos of  both your palms in different angles.

Please send your details, at least 3 days before the booking time. 

I will book a 30 min session with you via phone, zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.

I will give you personalized remedies, manifestation meditation advice, energy healing and crystals to wear accordingly after the reading.

$70 for full. 


Please note, that Astrology can only notify you a particular window of when you’ll meet your love interest/s. We are meant to meet our Twin Flame, Soulmates and Karmic Relations during Divine Timing. Each interaction or relationship only teaches us a lesson and when their Divine Purpose is complete, they leave. This is why I will never NEVER say, THIS is when you’ll get married.If that’s what you’re after, I am not the right person to give you your reading.


Your birth chart shows your Purpose in life. Your strengths and your weaknesses. Timing for success or failures. One can have multiple careers or income streams. I calculate using your Western Charts, your Vedic Charts and the upcoming planetary transits. I give massive importance to your Vedic D10 Charts.

Health & Child Birth

I strictly don’t do Child Birth or Health Issue Readings. I can notify you of any upcoming troublesome transits that may affect your health or your troubled areas in your birth chart in terms of your health, or a loved one, but please know that I will only speak of what I see in terms of the chart, which can be wrong.


Tarot Reading

I will require your personalised in-depth Tarot & Angel Card readings for your questions. These are highly accurate as I use my intuition and help from my Spirit guides. 

$50 for 15 minutes.

You can double your purchase for more minutes, for example, purchase 2 Tarot Card readings for 30 mins.

There’s a 25% off almost every month to celebrate every Zodiac sign’s birthday. All Astrology and Tarot readings are always heavily discounted.

Astrology & Tarot Reading Combo for $100 for 45 mins.

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