Energy ~

Healing x6

A powerful, healing combination of Reiki, Sound, Shamanic, Pranic, Crystal & Pellowah Healing.


Our Approach

A 30 minute session where I will ask you to completely relax and sit back on a couch or bed, facing toward me in a receiving mode. 

I will play a particular Frequency Music in the background based on your specific requirements or through my own intuition. I will send you a combination of energy healing, energy symbols and love & light. I will be sometimes intuitively guided to focus on troubled spots or blocked Chakras, channeling messages. 

Clients feel relaxed and energized after the session. Experiences vary. You may feel emotional with unhealed past traumatic memories coming up, or, you may feel burning or stinging sensation at spots that were blocked during the session. Some clients go into a deep relaxed sleep. 

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