About Us

Kashmala Sameer Burney is an energy (reiki master, sound, shamanic, pranic, crystal and pellowah) healer, hypnotherapist, NLP & timeline therapy practitioner, meditation and mindfulness teacher, astrologer, life coach and actor, based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Kashmala has worked as a fashion model for 4 years along with working in IT sales and marketing for 2 years and sales and beauty advisory for 7 years in skincare.

With a diverse interest and experience in the beauty, fashion, entertainment and spirituality, birthed Alma Alckemy. Incorporating her love for healing crystals, skincare (clean beauty), energy healing, quantum healing, spirituality and astrology, all in one place. 

“The name itself has a beautiful, esoteric and a very personal story behind it. A story, I love telling all my clients. 

The Logo has been hand-designed by me.

There are many beautiful secret gems hidden in Alma Alckemy logo, carefully including Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui and elements from Ancient texts. The logo has been verified by some of the best Vastu and Feng Shui experts. 

The Logo is TM.

“Healing others, heals me.” 

This is my Life Mantra. I have been healing people since the age of 11 (funny because I’m a Life Path Number 11 with Purple Aura). Maybe, even before. As a child, I was often called and asked (for fun) by relatives and people for me to put my hands on their aching body parts to instantly feel relief. I had no idea how I did it. I would just focus and in my head, ask their pain to go away. Sometimes, I would “see” their life and intuitively start speaking about their past, future and troubles. Only to instantly fall ill after contact. This was because, I could not differentiate their energy from mine, literally feeling their pain as mine.

As an Empath, I still sometimes struggle with this. However, now, it helps me to understand the other person better. 

I was aware of my healing and mediumship abilities as a child but I never wanted anyone to know because I felt it was such a “weirdo” gift to have. I have been sometimes secretly, and sometimes on request, healing people all my life. 

From regularly interacting with energy as a child, to making light bulbs and tube lights explode, to traveling the Astral realms, to secretly studying Astrology, Ancient Civilizations, Philosophies, Theories and the mysteries of the Universe all night long and not being able to wake up early morning for school… To predicting uncomfortable things… To spending all my money on Astrologers and online forums to meet interesting “people…

Before I knew it, I was channeling messages  in languages I didn’t know. Seeing and speaking of things everyday before they happened. Becoming a powerful manifester (and yet never asking for material things. Never a dollar). 

I’ve sat with Scientists, Engineers, Astronomers, Astrologers, Archaeologists, Physicists, History Experts, Spiritual Masters/Geniuses, (different) Religious experts, Artists, Magicians and cute (good) other dimensional beings all my life. I’ve been asked to “be careful” and have been encouraged at the same time. Being surrounded by the beauty of not all agreeing with each other… Yet, all agreeing with each other is what makes me feel content with my existence. It’s the absolute weirdos, the “no ones,” the misunderstoods, the loners, I feel the most “at home” with. 

Alma Alckemy, is especially, for you.

At Alma Alckemy, you can not only sit with us, but BE MY SPECIAL GUEST.”